Week 9 Midterm Review

PS140O: Projecting Power

Prof Wasow



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    • Wed 4-6pm: http://calendly.com/owasow
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Essay Format: Intro

  • Thesis
    • Does the essay have a strong and clearly articulated thesis?
    • Does the thesis have tension to help direct/launch the essay (e.g., with whom is this essay in conversation)?

Essay Format: Body

  • Evidence
    • Does the essay use evidence from scholarship and films to test, support and develop the thesis? (Each essay should reference at least two pieces of scholarship and two films.)
    • Does the essay use relevant scholarship from the course to make the argument and analysis more persuasive and more rigorous?

Essay Format: Body continued

  • Evidence
    • When focusing on a particular film, does the essay have sustained, rigorous analysis of clearly identified short sequences? In other words, does the essay successfully engage in a “close reading” of a scene?
    • Does the writer make distinct, compelling points about a representative piece of evidence? Does the writer draw out meaning from a relevant example?

Essay Format: Structure & Grammar

  • Prose, Structure, Grammar
    • Is the writing clear, concise, engaging, well organized, and grammatically correct?
    • Does the essay reference relevant ideas and integrate them effectively?
    • Does the writer introduce and conclude the argument/discussion effectively?